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The parent firm of Alberice architecture + design was Camille-Alberice Architects founded in 1989 by Robert Camille, Jr. and Peter Y. Alberice. In 2010, Robert retired from the firm to pursue developing a construction materials business.

Our firm of professionals consists of registered architects, intern architects, interior designers, construction supervisors, technical and clerical staff. This staffing guarantees that our clients receive the attention their projects require. We are small enough to focus on each project and large enough to handle considerable production demands. Be assured that your project will always be a priority.

The staff of Alberice architecture + design has developed exceptional creative talent. We believe the most successful buildings evolve from expertise not only in architectural design, but also in construction technology and construction methods. All of our architects have extensive construction experience, and the projects we design benefit directly from our construction efforts. This field experience helps us to understand contingencies such as labor costs, price fluctuations in building materials, and new product developments. Our designs reflect your bottom line.

Design Performance

When completed, a successful architectural project must meet or exceed a variety of design criteria. In many ways, the role of the architect is not just to design the building, but to design performance. Performance means creating a design that resolves a range of issues from the owner’s specific program requirements to the relationship of the project to the surrounding built environment to the environmental benefit of reduced natural resource consumption to improving the bottom line of the building operation due to lower utility costs over the life of the building. Performance also means that the building occupants will enjoy an environment which positively impacts their health and comfort and, allows them to be more productive.