Project Description

The Old Coggins Farm property is uniquely positioned to effectively house a STEAM middle school that would be able to benefit from a multi-generational, walkable, and sustainable community that will include an innovation center and other potential amenities, such as farm-to-table restaurant. The property being located on the eastern side of Buncombe County would complement and act as a feeder school from the STEM high school planned for the western side of the county.

The planned agricultural programming and community open space would be ideal for serving as a living laboratory for the STEM curriculum, as well as provide opportunities for recreation and physical activity in a bucolic setting that will foster appreciation for and stewardship of the environment. Adding an arts component to make it a STEAM school should remain a consideration – research supports that inserting arts into STEM curriculum produces significant learning and retention benefits. Not to mention it makes more well-rounded students who are more competitive in higher learning settings and the job market.